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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 22, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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dame is covering up christopher columbus needles because they are, quote, offenses. the paintings are 100 years old, they show columbus's discovery of the new world, notre dame's president says they represent the exploitation of native americans. join us what you think about that. that reps of this our 5 conference first, busy one, "fox and friends first" continues, goodbye. rob: it is tuesday, january 22nd, could there be light at the end of the shutdown tunnel? the senate full speed ahead on the president's offer to reopen the government. jillian: what will it take for democrats to defect and vote yes? some in the media lashing out on the violent protests involving teenagers wearing m aga hats. >> the scene many calling racist laid out in washington. a teenage trump supported taunting a native american veteran. rob: the president came to the
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scene's defense, taking the media head on. another democrat announcing a white house bid. jillian: another appeal to americans to eat breakfast. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ a beautiful day ♪ ♪ a beautiful day ♪ ♪ don't let it get away ♪ on the road ♪ jillian: i like this song. i wonder if this on rob's list of approved songs. rob: are you going to start this early? a beautiful song. i like it. jillian: songs i like you don't like. rob: you like miley cyrus. i will jump out the window.
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jillian: that is false. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. rob: thanks for getting up with us, live look at capitol hill where the senate unveiled its bill to reopen the government overnight. jillian: garrett tenney joins us with a proposal for donald trump's border wall. >> reporter: this bill is 1300 pages. the name sums it up well, it is the end of the shutdown and secure the border act. with that the president is asking democrats to give them $5.7 billion for a border barrier in exchange for 3 years of protection for daca recipients an extension of temporary protected status for 300,000 other immigrants living in the united states. the bill would immediately end the shutdown and reopen the government but even before formal legislation was unveiled democratic lawmakers were calling it a nonstarter, they will refuse to negotiate with the white house over any proposal until the president first reopens the government.
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>> he is now holding the american people hostage over a vanity project that he calls a wall. 800,000 people are trying to figure out how to pay their rent, their mortgage. >> not just democrats concerned about the bill. than immigration hardliners have concerns the president's confessions on daca amount to amnesty so this to be a problem for republicans if democrats decide to filibuster. 60 votes are needed to begin debate on legislation and end the filibuster, the gop -- senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will need every one of those for 7 democrats for this bill to move ahead and pass. this weekend even the white house suggested it may not have the votes it needs for the deal to pass in the senate but over the past few years, a lot can change in a couple days. the president often says we will
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have to wait and see what happens. rob: we appreciate it. jillian: of republicans get their proposal through the senate it would be up to the democratic control house. rob: chris star wars says despite nancy pelosi is public refusal to negotiate democrats are in a bind. >> no is the easiest answer in washington, no is easy. i won't do it, i'm not getting anything so i'm done. nancy pelosi is in a bind, the president made something that sounds like a counteroffer. the washington post editorial page, time you got to talk turkey. everybody still avoiding the basic construct. it is the space between $1.6 trillion, and $5.7 trillion. everything else is phony baloney.
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do you want to spend an additional $5.7 billion or an additional $1.6 billion which is almost like to hear me out on this, crazy talk, almost like they could meet in the middle. rob: democrats maintain they want the president to reopen the government first and then negotiate on border security. jillian: donald trump ramping up his call for a southern border wall in the wake of recent violence tweet this to chain four people in nevada viciously robbed and killed by an illegal immigrant who should not been in the country, 26 people killed on the border in a drug and gang related site, two large caravans from honduras broke into mexico and are headed our way. we need a powerful wall. the 19-year-old suspect expected to face murder charges in the nevada killing. donald from calling on democrats to stop playing games and give america the security it deserves. rob: the police officer shot and killed trying to arrest a suspect in alabama will be laid to rest friday. hundreds of people paying
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tribute to officer sean tutor, lining the streets with american flags. and suspected killer mark perez charged with capital miller. he spent three years with the mobile police department after serving as a specialist in the alabama national guard. and heartbreaking same and his family said sean loved his family and he knew this was a chance. he is our hero and the patriot. he was 30 years old and leaves behind a wife. jillian: donald trump standing up for the students in this viral clip accused of mocking a native american veteran. new video vindicating them and some of those students are speaking out. rob: todd pyro with their side of the story. >> reporter: the president with his take on the complete 180 that is the story tweeting looking like covington catholic students were treated unfairly with early judgments proving to be false smeared by media. not good but making a big
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comeback, new footage shows media was wrong about teen's encounter with native american. donald trump representing the latest and longer video showing native american elder nathan phillips approached the teens and showing phillips before he arrived, a group of black hebrew israelites were yelling obscenities at the student, now two students are speaking out. >> there have been many threats against our lives, a lot surrounding this event comes from people on social media jumping to conclusions before the story was released, the research is showing. >> here are a few of those just a conclusion. howard dean tweeting covington catholic high school seems like a hate factory to me. why not just close it? cnn, he is deplorable. some people can be punched in the face. another user, the boys from
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covington catholic are why the gillette ad exists. students return to covington catholic today greeted by police and protesters. numerous report suggests students and their families are considering legal action for defamation against those who painted the student in a negative light. rob: unbelievable story and the reactions. thousands of federal workers back on the job today despite the government shutdown. according to the washington post, 8000 state department employees will get paid for the next 15 days and 300 e-verify, the balance of homeland security until congress approves funding for that program. those agencies infect the workers are needed for national security. students will head back to class as the los angeles teachers union makes progress with
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negotiations, 30,000 educated will head to the picket lines were 6-day today demanding higher pay and smaller class size. the stray cannot end until the union votes to ratify a deal. another vote in denver could start a new strike, they are pushing salary incentives in colorado as well. jillian: a freshman democrat on the house judiciary committee claim supreme court justice brett kavanaugh committed perjury during his confirmation hearing. >> no question -- during the confirmation hearings. they will take that up. jillian: he did not say what statement he was referring to specifically. brett cavanagh was confirmed in a 50-42 vote despite democrat attempts to derail the confirmation. the government shutdown could prevent world series champion from visiting the white house.
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the president of the red sox telling the boston globe it wouldn't be appropriate to go because government employees are struggling. the team is scheduled to make the trip on february 15th. we will see what happens. rob: if you have been outside the world is coming to a end. a better blast icing over much of the northeast and causing chaos at airports, 5400 flights were delayed including some in the wisconsin airport the lost power leaving passengers in the dark and cold for hours. jillian: rhode island in an emergency after the cold cut heat to 7000 customers and as a lot of people dig out from the latest storm another is stirring out west. parts of utah seeing up to a foot of snow and it is cold out there but i will tell you one thing. i'm thankful for the warm up later this week. >> reporter: this is the last day of the real extreme cold. i would not last in my homeland. our usual this time of year. hang out with my mom. look at the current windchill.
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that is what it feels like with the wind, the wind is making it unbearable. single digits, it warmed up, feels like three in new york, yesterday at double digits. past 24 hours, there is the next storm system moving out west toward the plane states. winter weather advisories in anticipation of this next storm system and blizzard warnings in parts of kansas into colorado. there is future radar watching potential for heavy snow and the southern art of the storm will be a rain event as it moves toward the coast. temperatures ahead of the front will move northward and or map so it will mainly be a rain event but we could see some icing as well. there is your forecast presentation. heaviest snow totals across the northern rockies towards central rockies and parts of the midwest and once it moves eastward it will get warmer so we will deal with mainly a rain event.
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jillian: could be snow. >> if temperatures -- it is wacky, very cold and it will warm up again and that cold again next week. rob: i was on the west side of manhattan. i had to rethink a lot of things. >> you poor thing. rob: it was unbelievable. >> you need to dress more appropriately. it was crazy. jillian: last year two weeks straight. you will survive i promise. rob: we go to break. >> right here. play that while i read this, 1200 after the hour. donald trump reminding nancy pelosi that walls work as he waits for democrats to negotiate on border security. what will motivate them to make a deal? next. rob: the white house to big brother. the big brother house. anthony scaramucci starting a new gig. stay tuned. ♪
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jillian: deputy assistant secretary for policy for the trump administration doctor gavin clarkson. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. jillian: will they have the numbers? >> they will probably have the numbers because there will be some democrats that want to get the government open if they recognize the president is a masterful negotiator and at the same point the hypocrisy of some of the positions chuck and nancy have been maintaining is added to all. if it weren't for double standards chuck and nancy would have no standards at all. border security is something
2:17 am
they say they want and the president put together a compassionate and credible compromise proposal and now it is up to the democrats to step up to the negotiating table and let's hammer out the deal and get federal workers back to work and get our borders secure and it will solve the problem, won't take very long. rob: you sound optimistic they can get 7 to flip. you might get the red state democrats but i don't think many people think this will get to the senate. as leaders try to wrangle their people together and keep them corralled and not break off and vote for something like nancy pelosi is trying to do but some of the blame for the shutdown shifting to the democrats because at this point the president put out what appears to be a pretty logical compromise and they say we are not even going to cover it. >> the president put out a proposal that includes many things democrats supported in the past. the project which had bipartisan
2:18 am
support and many senate democrats were on record supporting it has protection for daca recipients and temporary protection for the people who are victims of natural disasters, those are things the president was planning on canceling and offered a compromise negotiation because specifically reached out to rank-and-file democrats to find out what were the things they were concerned about and he made sure all the elements of his proposal are based on what the actual experts on the border are asking for and that is our brave men and women of customs and border protection. everything he is asking for something that is credible, compassionate and will solve the crisis on the border. heather: suspected illegal immigrants suspected to be charged in four murders out there. we have been talking about this. another example people are pointing to.
2:19 am
>> that is a situation that is a prime case of why sanctuary cities and sanctuary policies are a complete disaster that will lead to nothing but death and destruction. the only reason guzman is in jail right now is there was cooperation between law enforcement and immigration officials. but for their cooperation he would still be on the street murdering people and robbing houses but because they were able to have coordination they were able to detain him. that gave time to get a search warrant, go to his house and they found evidence of not one, not two, not three the four separate murders, three separate robberies. this monster is off the streets because of cooperation between law enforcement and ice and immigration but if this had been california or new mexico he would still be on the street murdering people. rob: thanks for your time this morning.
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jillian: donald from preparing for talks with kim jong un but is the regime still stockpiling weapons of war? partial discover you don't want to miss. i'm a veteran
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and the army taught me a lot about commitment. which i apply to my life and my work.
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at comcast we're commited to delivering the best experience possible, by being on time everytime. and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. jillian: welcome back. the us will request extradition of the chinese tech executive accused of violating sanctions against iran according to the globe. the cfo was taken into custody in canada in december. she's accused of defrauding banks to get around sanctions in iran. rob: donald trump touts a strong year of job increases which
2:24 am
former president obama basically called impossible. donald trump tweet messaging last year was the best year for american manufacturing job growth since 1997 or 21 years. the previous administrations and manufacture will not come back to the us, you would need a magic wand. i guess i found a magic wand and it is only getting better. the manufacturing industry gains 234,000 new jobs since 1997. >> a huge demand for a special edition lincoln continental. rob: tracy carrasco has more on the blast from the past. >> reporter: this limited edition lincoln continental sold out in 48 hours, $110,000, the backward opening doors, the reason it sold out so quickly, only 80 of them were made to mark the 80th anniversary of the first lincoln continental. this is also the most expensive lincoln model ever sold but don't worry, with this limited
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edition, if you didn't buy one this time they will be making more in 2020 but it looks pretty cool. rob: a lot of money for a lincoln. starbucks pushing coffee delivery. >> starbucks is expanding delivery service, they are not delivering from a quarter of its us stores, partnering with huber to do this. they started this idea by testing it out in the miami area was 200 starbucks locations starting today. they will be rolling this out in san francisco. they will be doing this in boston, washington, chicago, la, very soon. there is a $2.49 booking fee to do this, offering 95% of its menu. just about everything from starbucks you could have delivered. jillian: how lazy are we? rob: the coffee is $7, not that dramatic. 25 after the hour.
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martin luther king jr. day, mexicans unite the country but many democrats, some eyeing 2020 use it could political and take some shots at the president. >> we now have a president of the united states who is a racist. >> 1600 pennsylvania ave.. rob: was that the right message? gianna caldwell and chuck roads been here with that. jillian: another candidate, another appeal to the middle class. harris and the media eat it up. ♪ ♪ your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort... fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight. we can't guarantee, you'll find gold in them therr hills on your vacation. but we can guarantee
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[kno♪king] ♪ memories. what we deliver by delivering. >> we have a hater in the white house. a birther in chief, the grand
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wizard of 1600 pennsylvania ave.. >> we went in the last 2 years it doesn't take much to awaken hate. it's not an accident. they have been deliberately reawakened again. >> we now have a president of the united states who is a racist. jillian: top democrats taking aim at donald trump on martin luther king jr. day. on the day meant to unite america was that the right message? here to debate that is chuck rocha and political analyst gianna caldwell. what do you make of that language on a day that was martin luther king jr. day? >> welcome to presidential politics 2020 and people trying to get their base out to go vote. of donald trump stops acting like a racist people stop calling him a racist. i'm not saying he is racist, just all the racists that i know really like him. you see lots of african-americans and latinos like myself who are anxious
2:31 am
about the rhetoric out of this white house, democratic president of candidates will take advantage of that. jillian: that part for just today? >> absolutely. i do politics for a living. get people elected to office, that is the worst part of my job. people in politics love to take advantage of a situation where people are listening to get people riled up. jillian: what is your take? >> i thought it was disgraceful and deplorable especially with what jeffries said, the grand wizard of 1600 pennsylvania ave.. think of the legacy of martin luther king, the opportunity to be on this program today. that would be an opportunity for them to unite us versus try to divide us. forget about politics -- presidential politics, people do try to take these opportunities when people are listening but that is not leadership.
2:32 am
individuals we know if you take an opportunity like that on martin luther king day you shouldn't be running for public office in general. >> i want to make a point we are moving into 2020 watching teams get a settled and people are working in these early stages assembling their teams but you will have 15, 16, 20 people like republican primaries running and they will try to get oxygen in the room and get press coverage because they are not going to be noticed and you will hear much worse than we heard this weekend. not saying one side is right or wrong but you need to prepare yourself. jillian: some news we saw yesterday, kamala harris announced she's running for president of the united states in 2020. what do you make of that? >> talking justice and decency being the first two words used. she's going to deliver what chuck said, making a direct
2:33 am
target on donald trump and i cautioned any democratic candidate looking to make themselves well-known it is a losing strategy when you look to attack the president versus give up the vision for the country you have because no one cares about donald trump anymore. what people want to know about is out of their pocketbooks, what are you doing on taxes and healthcare and immigration? unless you have some real plans out there the country doesn't move forward. for all these candidates, they need to take note and layout their vision for the country and not how much they hate the president. jillian: do you think the farthest socialist progressive agenda is what people want right now? >> people love social security in public schools, people on this network or other networks, socialism or not. a lot of people have anxiety.
2:34 am
i think people know most democrats don't like donald trump but you have to run on something. you have to raise $200 million, have name id. if you want any chance, you got to talk about the president a little bit and talk about what you are standing for. jillian: you can just -- >> taxes, 70%. jillian: appreciate it. rob: missed that. former fbi lawyer james baker reveals he was personally involved in obtaining that fis a warrant, according to transcript abuse by fox news baker admitted it was an unusual move. congressman devon nunez sounded off on alleged bias in the fbi. >> not only did top officials at the fbi, they know the
2:35 am
department of justice including four people on the mueller team, two have been fired, these people have a lot of questions that are investigation continued even though we don't have subpoena power. rob: that relied on the antitrust dossier funded by the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign. the uk prime minister of using a second brexit referendum, teresa mae presented her backup brexit plan, vowing to seek further concessions from the eu to avoid a hard border in ireland, she would also waive the fee for eu citizens, parliament will vote on this new version. new satellite images suggest kim jong un has not abandoned his ballistic missile program. researchers from the international studies group
2:36 am
beyond parallel discovering as many as 20 undeclared nuclear sites in north korea. one facilities believed to be the headquarters of the regime's missile force. the white house has not commented on this report. expert say the us should focus on these sites when donald trump and kim jong un meet next month. two people are killed when a plane crashes in a neighborhood just feet from a home shortly after takeoff. the world war ii cargo plane hit trees and power lines have crashed into this yard. >> very scary. the power went out and we heard the crash and you just jump. rob: the plane was scheduled for engine testing. no federal agencies will be investing this right now because of the shutdown. jillian: 36 after the hour. first it was immoral to secure the border and now it is immoral to make money. >> we live in a world that
2:37 am
allows billionaires? is that a moral outcome? >> know, it is not. jillian: carly shimkus gets reaction alexandria ocasio-cortez x debate against populism. ♪ ♪ a different city every night ♪ ♪ little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression
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rob: the oscars don't have a host but the nominees will be revealed today. actress tracy ellis ross 1 ounce contenders 8:20 eastern time if you want to know. the academy is struggling to find a replacement host after kevin hart stood down. the 91st oscars will air on february 24th. jillian: white house to
2:41 am
celebrity big brother house, anthony scaramucci looking to outdo his 10-day career with the trump administration on reality tv. >> my name is anthony scaramucci, fired white house communications director. willis last longer than my stint in the white house? >> he is sharing the house with the likes of ryan lofty and ricky williams, not after great start, struggling the first challenge, lindsay lohan's mom, dena, and efforts to join the show, took celebrity big brother by storm last season so we will see what happens. >> reality tv, save us. hollywood calling out the media on this story for what many are calling biased coverage of the covington high school catholic students. jillian: carly shimkus has the
2:42 am
stern response from one tv mom. >> reporter: actress patricia keaton of everybody loves raymond fame is calling out her hollywood colleagues for their rush to judgment on this situation, these apologies are welcome and necessary but don't address the damage but cannot be undone which was inflicted on young people about to embark on adulthood was applying to colleges, looking for employment etc.. she's not the only one defending these students, rand paul also defending the kentucky kids saying there's a rush to judgment from media and social media these days when you look at the facts first. elsewhere on social media a lot of other tweets from regular folks including this one from monica who says our society is so rushed to be judge and jury, instead of seeking out the truth, donald trump talked about the situation saying the students were treated unfairly.
2:43 am
a lot of reaction. >> the socialist darling of the democratic party has a problem with billionaires. jillian: she talked about taxing the rich even more and alexandria ocasio-cortez says a system that allows billionaires to exist is immoral. watch. >> we live in a world that allows billionaires? is that a moral outcome? >> know, it is not. a system that allows billionaires to exist, normally doesn't make economic sense but doesn't make moral sense. >> let's get stuff straight to the reaction, paul says i hope her ideas will become mainstream and she becomes the face of the democratic party. another twitter user signing and saying without will the people we wouldn't have invested and upward mobility, and economic literacy.
2:44 am
>> some divine intervention on championship sunday. >> can you believe it? a pastor in maine perfectly predicted the score of the patriots game posting this sign outside saying god doesn't have a favorite team but the pastor does. he goes on to write patriots 37, xxxi, she was spot on, he says he would like to think it was divine intervention, he got it right and also has a super bowl prediction but is not revealing what that is just yet. he will choose patriots to reveal it all again. >> god wants him to be in vegas for the super bowl. it is 44 minutes after the are. many in the media lashing out over the protest involving kentucky teenagers wearing m aga hats. >> many played out in washington.
2:45 am
>> teenage trump supporters taunting native american veterans. >> we breakdown coverage next. jillian: let's check in with steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> reporter: good morning on this chilly tuesday morning live from new york city, talking about those high school kids from kentucky who were at the mall a couple days ago. we will have one of the chaperones. a mother there with her son along with students as well. and also on the program coming up, judge andrew napolitano talking how don junior took aim at adam schiff. stuart varney on china's economy flowing. is the united states to blame or are we closer to a deal? a busy hour starting at 6:00. thank you for asking what we have on the show today.
2:46 am
>> we will be right back. - to be a pro at selfies takes practice, but to be a pro at travel just takes tripadvisor. we offer up-to-date reviews and 360 hotel photos to help you find the right hotel and search over 200 booking sites to get you the right price. tripadvisor. welcome to fowler, indiana. one of the windiest places in america. and home to three bp wind farms. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining. thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not.
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at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing.
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>> a seen many call racist played out in washington on the steps of the lincoln memorial, students harassing an older native american man am a vietnam vet. >> video showing students on a friday visit to washington dc taunting a native american man. >> teenage trump supporters taunting a native american veteran. >> the liberal media devoting 95% of the coverage to sneering teenagers they claim confronted a native american veteran during march for life. >> later as we now know more video emails showing the
2:50 am
teenagers were just standing there when they were approached by the native americans. as for the actual march for life the media covered it for less then a minute. managing editor brittany hughes joins us to react. this was a big screwup by members of the media for condemning these kids right off the bat without knowing the whole story. >> at the lily. everybody no matter which side of the political spectrum you are on everybody should agree that it is a shame these kids found themselves the latest to be victimized not only by social media which can be dangerous with the mob as it can wake up in a short time but a news media that seems to have forgotten the difference between a press badge and an activist sign and finding it increasingly possible to simply do their job.
2:51 am
this isn't simply that the media spat out this video for a couple minutes on saturday and that there is this going viral, make of it what you will, they didn't. they devoted tons and tons of airtime to this story, 19 times more airtime on this story than they did covering the rest of the march for life to which tens of thousands of people show up. cnn and msnbc spend 53 minutes of coverage on this story which is a lifetime in tv world. by the end without being able to defend themselves or offer rebuttal these kids became the poster children for white male privilege, racial and religious bigotry. it was horrible how they were spared. this is indicative of a media that no longer objectively reports things but puts their own spin on it and tries to make it into this agenda. jillian: if it weren't for that red make america great again hat would it have received a second of coverage? >> i don't think so.
2:52 am
if it would, it would be minuscule at best. these kids had been wearing antifa masks you would not see this devotion to the story. all these kids did was be in the wrong place at the wrong time waiting on a bus, showed up to a pro-life march which the media hates already and doesn't even cover and they ended up being the face of something the media and the left had already decided on and that is if you wear this hat if you are white, if your mail especially, you must be a racist, you must be a bigot and this fit with their narrative. they ended up with egg on their faces when other video came out but the question here is at what point are there consequences for a media that doesn't do his job, doesn't look at the facts, immediately runs a scenario of a lot of talking heads that apologize for jumping the gun. these kids are getting death threats, getting harassed
2:53 am
online, having to go to school with police present because of protesters because of these reports. rob: this will dramatically change their lives and they will have to live with this for a long time because their faces are familiar especially the kids standing on the left and when you look at his explanation. and when you initially watch this video and you hear the initial narrative, and then you hear they are sitting there and there is a camera on them. and i'm not going to back down. just smiling and saying can't come up to me to do that. he was defending himself and it changes everything. >> a media that is not interested in fact, they are interested in a narrative. this is a group of 16, 17-year-old kids in a city that is unfamiliar to them, found themselves between two groups of
2:54 am
adult protesters, and the native american man went to their faces, and that they are in the middle of it, something else. 53 after the hour, another candidate in the middle-class. and the media heated up. ♪
2:55 am
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2:58 am
she has no credibility and doesn't deserve any thoughts at all. >> have you ever seen a more punchable face talking about kids. i can't imagine. democratic socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez making an appearance on the colbert show. she was asked about members of her party telling her to wait her turn. this is how she responded.
2:59 am
>> on a scale of zero to some. how many [bleep] to you give? >> zero. rob: made history as youngest person ever elected to congress quite an accomplishment. pushing an aggressive agenda with a green new deal and 70% tax rate for all income over $10 million. jillian: kamala harris making a stop. poses with her egg and cheese sandwich at the train station. she announced she was running for president in 2020. harris will officially launch her campaign this weekend. news everyone was expecting. rob: hey, it's freezing cold but i think we are going to get an improvement here, right? >> we are. jillian: in this area anyway. rob: we are talking about generally around our area.
3:00 am
if you live out west you are good. jillian: see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. with heather childers and us right now. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> senate republicans introduce a new bill to reopen the government and fund the border wall. democrats already rejected it. >> it gives us a lot more free time to make trouble. >> the media vilifying this teenager rushing to judgment with very few facts. >> it always happens one way. it's always targeted at republicans and conservatives. >> this has led to a tsunami of hateful messages, threats, not showing. >> bitter blast not showing over much of the northeast. >> as a lot of people dig out this storm out west potential f


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